Ormeal = Organic

Healthful eating is on the uptick in India. It is not only the labeling that is getting people's attention, but the change in healthy eating is persistent. So, what is Organic? Organic foods are ones that are natural, and specially treated, handled and maintained. Organic foods also emphasize on sustainability efforts through water and soil conservation. One can avoid feeding genetically modified ingredients and toxic chemicals to babies by choosing to opt for Organic Puree Baby food by Ormeal.

Why did we choose to be Organic?

There are numerous reasons apart from Organic being the healthy choice for our babies.

Environment and Animal-Friendly
- farmers work more harmoniously and as a result prevent soil erosion through conservation and restoration. Animals are better cared for in the backdrop that is more natural to them.

Say ‘No' to Chemicals and GMO-
Organic food is free from chemical ingredients that can cause bodily damage. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are animals and plants that are created using DNA of different species. This is done to alter the crops so that they become resistant to pests and weather or be more productive to reduce costs and hence be profitable to various businesses.

Say' Yes' to Nutrients:
The Food is free from synthetic pesticides, antibiotics and hormones, our kids can develop naturally. There is no unwarranted interference in the ingredients that may harm their immune system. To top it, the extra nutrients promote better health.

Did you know we are also EU certified?

EU is a strict control system wherein the checks are carried out at every stage of the organic chain. Each operator in this process is checked thoroughly based on risk assessment. It not only covers production and processing but also labeling/packaging of organic food. So, whenever consumers are buying organic food, and it is EU certified, they can be confident that it is following the environmental and animal welfare rules.