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What is the minimum suitable age for feeding Ormeal® Organic Purees?

We recommend that the baby should be at least 6 months or older before starting off with baby food. Please take advice from the baby’s paediatrician before making any changes to the baby’s diet.

Do Ormeal® Purees require cooking/processing out of the pack?

No. It is a ready to eat baby food puree product. The baby can be fed directly from the pouch under the supervision of an adult. However you may mix it with other food substance(s) to play around your own recipes according to your baby’s taste buds <3 Afterall what baby desires is all we both want to fulfill.

Why is certified organic food more expensive than non-organic food? Is organic food better?

Ormeal® believes that organic baby food (certified) is a blessing by you to your little one, because –
1. Organic food is sourced thoughtfully from monitored farms with high standards in quality,

2. Organic baby food comprises far lower additives. Among the additives banned by the ECOCERT® are hydrogenated fat, aspartame (artificial sweetener) and monosodium glutamate.

3. A study has found that Fetuses, babies, and young children are more at risk of exposure than adults from inorganic food.

What is the maximum age that I can give Ormeal® to my baby?

Ideally a baby can completely start eating solid fruits (without pureeing them) 18-24 months. You may continue to feed your baby pureed fruits till 36 months of age depending upon your baby’s eating style. There is no upper age limit for eating Ormeal™’s fruit purees, even you may eat the same when hungry or craving for healthy natural fruits ;-) It can also be used as semi-solid food for aged people who have difficulty eating solid foods.

What are the manufacturing and expiry dates?

You can find the same at the back of Ormeal® Organic Fruit Puree pouch along with expiry details. The shelf life of the product is 15 months from manufacturing date if the DoyPac cap is not opened. Once opened, the contents must be consumed within 24 hours upon refrigeration.

Are Ormeal® products substitute to Infant’s milk?

No. Ormeal® puree is not infant formula or substitute to mother’s milk. Ormeal™’s fruit puree is highly nutritious organic fruit in fine and soft pureed form. We strictly recommend a baby's diet to just be Mother's milk for overall development of muscles, organs and tissues for the first 6 months after birth before switching to healthy and naturally organic baby food. Please take advice from the baby’s paediatrician before making any changes to the baby’s diet.

Are there any artificial preservatives in the product?

No. There are absolutely no artificial chemical preservatives added to the contents of the Ormeal™ baby food products which are natural and organic in nature.

How do Ormeal® purees have a long shelf life?

The shelf life of Ormeal® baby puree is a result of exceptional achievement through R&D in recipe, processing and patented packaging design. Ormeal® uses DoyPac packaging for baby food products, which is Vacuum packed in 100% germ free environment, untouched by human hands. We are able to achieve these by –
1. Balanced recipes which by existence are acidic and naturally lethal for microbial development. (No bacteria -> longer life)

2. Fruits are pureed in a contained environment to make sure no bacterial development is possible therein. (No bacteria -> longer life)

3. Vacuum packed to make sure there is no room for air. (No air, no bacteria and you know the drill...!)

Is Ormeal® Baby Puree a weight gain product?

One pack provides about 55 kcals. Though its contents are Only Natural fruits, but naturally occurring sugars and carbohydrates would help baby fulfil his/her daily requirement of nutrition and stay healthy. We would recommend you consult with a professional dietician or consult your pediatrician to construct a balanced diet plan for your child.

What certifications do the Ormeal® baby food products comply with?

This certifies that the Ormeal® products are 100% organic end to end from raw material sourcing till the packaging procedure(s). EU is a strict control system wherein the checks are carried out at every stage of the organic chain. Each operator in this process is checked thoroughly based on risk assessment. It not only covers production and processing but also labelling/packaging of organic food.

FSSAI: 10016047000633
Ormeal™ has full clearance and licence from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India under the above mentioned license.

Why do some Ormeal® purees have lemony flavour?

To make the products as safe as possible for the little ones. For certain recipes, we add ‘Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate (Natural Lime Juice)’ which naturally acts as an acidic preserver additionally maintains the freshness and nutrition of the fruit(s). As Ormeal® uses natural fruits only, thus sometimes naturally occurring acid level is not enough to sustain from microbial development. Lime juice concentrate works here to keep product safe from any bacterial development, hence keeps the content fresh for a longer period of time.

For further queries feel free to reach out to us on info@ormeal.com or WhatsApp/Call +91 7337528123