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To become the Most Respected & Significant Brand in Organic foods space by offering Best-in-Class products to our Customers.

Key Elements:

  • Top notch quality products
  • World class manufacturing facilities
  • Delightful customer experience

How did it begin . .

I Believe Each child’s eyes open to the beauty of stars, the glory of nature and the mystery of life. One beautiful morning I saw my niece looking at me when I had a fruit salad, I Wondered when she would be introduced to these fruit wonders and whether it would satisfy her taste buds. Of what I knew her diet should initially incorporate fruits and vegetables to ensure she gets the required nutrients. Few minutes spent with her urged me to provide her and many toddlers like her with healthy, clean and yummy food. Ormeal Foods was born the very next day.

The challenge now was to introduce wholesome, Healthy and Organic food for the babies. Days of extensive exploration took me across the length and breadth of India, not satisfied still I was en-route to France, now we had entirely organic, preservative-free food and with the taste, and the colors that would appeal the little ones.

Because Organic is the Future, my friends!!!

Ormeal Puree

Fruits Dancing

The Blue sky was oh so high
The chirping birds made sound so sweet
The Mountains so big and huge
The farms giving yummy fruits
Bananas, Apples, and Pears,
Veggies like carrots were also there
We were happy with what we got
Cause Organic food reached our Bay
But One day they found another way ☹
They colored my fruits to make them look great
Processed food came my way
And they made me sick and grey
I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed
Then Angel Ormeal came my way
She gave me food So Yum and great
My tummy is full of nutrition and
Hey! So, this is the story of me and my food
I love it and so will you

Meet Our Team


Mrs Rakhi Pula

Apart from being a super mom and a loving wife to Mr Veen Pula, Rakhi played a huge role in starting Ormeal. She loved the idea of providing healthy food to the children and has always been a pillar of strength and support to the entire Ormeal Team.

Vector Man

Mr Veen Pula

Mr Pula is an ardent investor and is helping several start-ups realise their dreams. He was also recognised as India’s Emerging leader by the World Consulting and Research Corporation. One of his ventures also featured in United Kingdom’s 100 fastest growing companies.

Meet Our Expert Team

Nutrition Expert

Mr. R.K. Panicker

Food Processing & Nutraceuticals Expert Former-Technical Director | Consultant to leading Private Industries, Former- Food Processing Advisor on behalf of the United Nations and British Commonwealth Secretariat, London | Former- Advisor to the Governments of Guyana, Bolivia, Republic of Laos, Guatemala, Venezuela Dominican Republic etc. and Lower(Baja) California for Development of Private Sector Food Industries, and agro-processing specialist.

Nutrition Expert

Mr. B. Prabhakar Rao

Food Processing and International Law Expert.
Over 30 years of Experience in Food Processing Industry. Chemistry and Law graduate with International Law and Taxation specializations from IVY League college. | Pediatricians and Nutritionists with decades of experience in infant and child nutrition.



“A dream does not become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”- Colin Powell. Our Dream- Healthy Food for babies Reality- Organic, Preservative-free Fruits and Vegetables Magic- The Farmers- Our Hero For all those Farmers who work in Acres and not in Hours - Thank You for defining our Core Value.

You, our teachers

Customers for us are Step 1 to create goodness in our products. Be our Co-Creators, share your feedback or ideas with us by clicking here

“You have to co-create everything in life. You must take action.”

Rorree Tillman